Shepherd Observatory


Below are images produced by the same model telescope that will be housed in the Shepherd Observatory.

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Slide Shows

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Building the JWSO.

Installing the telescope, mount and pier.

Construction Photos

Construction of the Observatory began on August 7th, 2008. Here are photos
of the progress. (Click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Gallery 1 (August 7-15)

Gallery 2 (August 15-20)

Gallery 3 (August 20-22)

Gallery 4 (August 22-September 8)

Gallery 5 (September 8-12)

Gallery 6 (September 12-16)

Gallery 7 (September 16-19)

Gallery 8 (September 19-25)

Gallery 9 (September 25-30)

Gallery 10 (September 30-October 3)

Gallery 11 (February 2009) The JWSO Door

Gallery 12 (February 2009) The JWSO in the Snow

Gallery 13 (February 2009) The Road to the JWSO in the Snow

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Higher resolution image files are freely available--send requests to